WebIO 7

Internet Device Gateway

The WebIO-7 Server is the newest and most powerful model of the WebIO family of Internet automation servers.

This all new WebIO integrates serveral hardwired and wireless interfaces with monitor, control and automation options at a very low cost.

A powerful TCP/IP stack and Cloud Messaging protocols provide for communications options focusing on connectivity with Android, IPhone IOS apps and your own webserver software.

WebIO-7 is expected to be available in Q2 of 2015 at a price similar to WebIO v3. Being an all new redesign WebIO-7 has been in development since late 2012. with Rev1 built in 2/16/2013. Please contact us for more information.

Be Connected - Stay Informed

Be easily up and running with support for an "out-of-box" install and "zero-config", WebIO can be up and running in 3 easy steps:

  • 1) Connect WebIO to a home network with Internet access
  • 2) Download/install the WebIO smartphone app
  • 3) Entering your provided WebIO-Key. You are now connected to your WebIO and in-control.
WebIO-7 does not requiring a static IP address, port forwarding, or DDNS, but does allow for more "direct" user control by allowing an optional custom installation using standard TCP/IP Routing (WebIO even contains it's own DDNS client).

Oh yeah, it's got Features.

WebIO 7 features:

  • All new internal Internet web server
  • Internal SMTP for sending email and text messages on user configured opto-input and temperature events (email does not support SSL, POP or IMAP)
  • Easy integration with smartphone apps, Android and iPhone
  • Internet date time client, SNTP
  • HTTP Interface, UDP event messages, Sends HTTP or TCP/UDP messages on events to your own server/software
  • Firmware update support. Most firmware updated over Ethernet
  • X10 powerline device control
  • Wireless lighting/lamp and AC appliance control
  • 4 SPDT relays with LED indicators
  • 4 opto-isolated inputs with LED indicators
  • 433MHz Wireless temperature sensor receiver
  • Internal automation where temperature sensors and opto-inputs can be configured to control X10 Devices and Relays
  • Internal wireless sensor and opto-input data logging
  • WebIO PC software for more complex automation and email/sms text message notification
  • Android App for controling WebIO7
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Expansion port for future add-ons

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