WebIO 7

Internet Wireless Temperature Sensors

WebIO7 allows you to read wireless temperature sensors located in your home or office, indoors or outdoors, from over the Internet via WebIO's internal web pages and/or PC monitor/notification software. If you ever wanted to be able to check the temperature of your vacation home while your away, from over the Internet, using your cell phone or smartphone or computer, WebIO v3.5 lets you do that. Using three wireless sensors you can now read the temperature and humidity of your garage, basement and main floor all from the WebIO temperature webpage. When using WebIO with the WebIO-TM PC software on a local or remote PC, you can monitor notify and configure control automation on more then 10 wireless sensors. This allows you to set temperature thresholds for sending email and SMS/text alerts and set automatic control of X10 connected devices such as air duct fans and lamps based on temperature thresholds.

WebIO7 is compatable with some models of Oregon Scientific brand wireless sensors which can be purchased from on-line stores and often many local stores such as Target and Best Buy.

The compatible Oregon Scientific temperature and humidity sensors transmit at 433MHz and have the 3 channel switch.

Oregon 10 channel sensors are not supported as well as Oregon Elements models.
Sensors from other wireless sensor manufacturers do not work with WebIO. (such as sensors from Springfield or La-Cross)

List of a few supported sensor models
  • Model THGR122N temperature and humidity sensor (THGR122NX)
  • Model THN122N temperature sensor
  • Model THN132N temperature sensor
  • Model THC268 temperature sensor with probe

Web page for temperature sensors

The image above shows the WebIO7 Temperature Sensor Page. This page displays the internal sensor and up to 3 wireless temperature and/or temperature and humidity sensors. Each wireless sensor can be assigned a name such as shown above. Temperature reading is displayed in degrees Fahrenheit. Sensors that also provide humidity will display a humidity % value.

Each wireless sensor is designated a channel number of 1-3 using a small switch in the battery compartment. Upon sensor battery installation an sensor identifier is generated. In the case where sensors are assigned the same channel, they are still differentiated by ID. This can happen where a neighbor also has a sensor designated with the same channel number as your own sensor. If you have two or more sensors on one channel the webpage will only display the most current sensor reading from each channel. The sensors that work with WebIO v3 are listed above, although more may work but have not been tested/found to work with WebIO. At a later date an option to list sensor reading by ID will be added. The WebIO7 Android app will have the same list by ID feature along with login options. The WebIO-TM PC software defines sensors by ID, logs and graphs temperature and provides advanced email on temperature event options.

When WebIO receives a wireless sensor reading at Date/Time stamp is applied to the reading.

Temperature Automation

WebIO 7 features:

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