WebIO 7

Internet Wireless On/Off Outlets

New to WebIO7 is wireless control of AC power on/off outlets. Several power outlets can be controled from the WebIO7 internal wireless control webpage or smartphone app and can be included in WebIO7 internal automation routines.

These wireless remote control switches are sold by Etekcity and can be found for sale at Amazon.com and other sites. Future WebIO7 firmware updates will likely support other brands of 433MHz wireless outlets as well.

WebIO supports 6 unique wireless AC outlets, using the Etekcity outlets models that have the "learning" button. The Etekcity wireless outlets (433Mhz) appear to have 45-100ft range when used with WebIO7.

Front and side view of a wireless AC outlet.

Web page for device control

WebIO7 is compatible with the remote control switches that have the "Learning" button. To assign a switch, use the WebIO7 radio control setup webpage, enter a device name, address and unit number, plugin the AC outlet and press its "Learning" button, then from WebIO7 select the [ON] button several times. The outlet is now assigned to the selected address/unit number .

Wireless AC Outlet Automation

The wireless AC Outlets can be assigned to automation routines such that they are controlled by temperature values, and hardwired input states.

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